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We provide training and have access to towing vessels and designated examiners that can help you with your advancement to Mate (Pilot) of Towing or Master of Towing. Since 2009, we have helped many mariners by providing a platform to complete both the maneuvering requirements as well as discussion based assessments in the Towing Officer Assessment Record. Our program utilizes a working tug and barge with a full crew in the presence of a USCG approved designated examiner.


Diamond Marine Services has made it even easier to submit your original, raise-in-grade, or renewal applications. We will work with you to ensure you have all the proper paperwork in place to achieve your renewal or raise-in-grade without experiencing delays with the National Maritime Center and USCG REC offices.

TOAR Training

Our program is reserved for experienced mariners. Mariners holding an OICNW endorsed license (STCW II/1 or II/3) can complete all the assessments in the TOAR with our program. If you do not hold an OICNW endorsement, you may be able to join us but we may not be able to complete the TOAR in its entirety. In addition, the extra sea service needed to upgrade to a mate or master of towing from a lower level license is often a surprise to many. For these reasons, we request to open a line of communication so we can better assess your needs. Mariners holding licenses LESS THAN 500 GRT (master or mate) or those without an OICNW endorsement are accepted on a case by case basis. For more information about this, please feel free to email or call us. 

Do you also need the observation sea service?

We are pleased to be able to offer those who need 30 days of training and observation a platform by which to accumulate the required sea service in addition to the TOAR. For more information, please visit out TOAR page or call us at 877-335-6341 to see if this better fits your needs.

Training Schedule:

Time Date Seats
8:30 am - 4:00 pm Dec 9, 2020
Boston MA
There are 4 seats available.
8:30 am - 4:00 pm Dec 16, 2020
Boston MA
There are 1 seats available.

Tired of sifting through CFRs and NMC checklists wondering if you have enough sea time or completed the necessary requirements for an upgrade? Have you experienced delays or even have a license expire due to an issue with a previous application? Diamond Marine Services offers a unique service with former National Maritime Center evaluators on our credential consulting team. We have created a full service solution to help with all USCG credential applications.

Credential Consulting

TOAR Assessments Completed
Credentials Supported

"Diamond Marine Services will get you informed and taught on all aspects of towing/pushing operations, and will do it in a quick and efficient manner. I recommend the class for anyone wishing to acquire their TOAR."


"I highly recommend this course for anyone who is trying to attain their towing endorsement and get some experience behind the wheel.
In some instances it’s just not practical or possible to finish your assessments at work and Diamond Marine rises to the occasion to meet that demand in our industry.
Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly. There are few courses I’ve taken where I can walk away and say, in all honesty that I enjoyed it as well as leave with knowledgeable and prepared for the real thing.
Thank you!"


"Many thanks to Burt, Matt, Sam, and the CORNELL Crew for a great day of instruction, discussion, and assessment on the water.

I cannot say enough good about this avenue for completion of the TOAR and the great work of the entire Diamond Marine Services group. BZ! Well Done."


"These guys are great! You’ll learn more and get more practical assessments signed off in one day than I can recall from any other training. I’m a blue water sailor so it was nice to get a taste of what tugs do and how they handle.

Highly recommend this class to anyone needed their TOAR cert or just what some exposure."


"I originally signed up for a course and then was stuck on a tug at work and had to reschedule. Sam was unbelievably helpful and made it so easy to reschedule. These guys bend over backwards to help you succeed! They are also super great mariners and the tug Cornell is a treat to be on and worth the price alone. Two thumbs up!"


"As an experienced captain on offshore supply vessels, and 25 years since training on tugs, this class was a great refresher to many things learned a long time ago. Was questioning if I should have taken the course, and at the end of the day , found it was well worth it!! Thanks Capt. Pat, Matt and Paul"