Logistics – Boston

TOAR Class Details

Paperwork: Please be prepared to show your MMC and TWIC card.

Location: We operate in partnership with Stasinos Marine operating out of Boston Harbor Shipyard & Marina located at 256 Marginal St, Boston, MA 02128

Time: We will meet at 0830 on the day of the class. We typically finish up around 1600 but may have to go longer depending on how the day goes. If travelling by air, we strongly recommend planning to arrive to the area at least the evening before the class and booking travel for no earlier than 1930 on the day of the class.

Attire: Please dress comfortably for the weather and to be on a workboat. We will have deckhands available but you may be asked to handle lines. You are not required to bring your own PPE.

Lodging: We recommend staying at the Mariner House in Boston as they are an affordable hotel for credentialed mariners only. The Mariner house is located at 11 N Square, Boston, MA 02113 and their phone number is (617) 227-3979. Please note that reservations may only be made over the phone.

Airports: We recommend flying into Boston’s Logan Airport (BOS). From the airport, consider a rental car, taxi, or Uber/Lyft to get from the airport to the hotel.

Train: Amtrak’s Boston South Station (BOS) is also an option. The Mariner House is roughly 1 mile leaving a 20 minute walk or a short taxi or Uber ride.

Price: The program costs $2000. We ask for a $300 deposit to hold your spot in the class. The balance of $1700 can be paid on our website at any time prior to the class. Please visit our payment page to submit a payment. If you prefer to use another method, please let us know!

Final Details: All mariners participating in the program will receive an email with detailed contact information a day or two before the class date. You can always call us at 877-335-6341 or email us at office@diamondmarineservices.com if you have any questions!