Here are some comments from mariners who have participated in our TOAR program.

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  1. Jonny Allen Reply

    Diamond Marine Services will get you informed and taught on all aspects of towing/pushing operations, and will do it in a quick and efficient manner. I recommend the class for anyone wishing to acquire their TOAR.

  2. Matthew Morse Reply

    I highly recommend this course for anyone who is trying to attain their towing endorsement and get some experience behind the wheel.
    In some instances it’s just not practical or possible to finish your assessments at work and Diamond Marine rises to the occasion to meet that demand in our industry.
    Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly. There are few courses I’ve taken where I can walk away and say, in all honesty that I enjoyed it as well as leave with knowledgeable and prepared for the real thing.
    Thank you!

  3. Chris Reply

    Many thanks to Burt, Matt, Sam, and the CORNELL Crew for a great day of instruction, discussion, and assessment on the water.

    I cannot say enough good about this avenue for completion of the TOAR and the great work of the entire Diamond Marine Services group. BZ! Well Dome.

  4. Kevin Coleman Reply

    These guys are great! You’ll learn more and get more practical assessments signed off in one day than I can recall from any other training. I’m a blue water sailor so it was nice to get a taste of what tugs do and how they handle.

    Highly recommend this class to anyone needed their TOAR cert or just what some exposure.

  5. Cyrelle Reply

    The class and practical are full of information that all mariners in this route needs to know . The instructors are very skillful and supportive . I will surely recommend this course to my shipmates.

  6. Todd Schwartz Reply

    I originally signed up for a course and then was stuck on a tug at work and had to reschedule. Sam was unbelievably helpful and made it so easy to reschedule. These guys bend over backwards to help you succeed! They are also super great mariners and the tug Cornell is a treat to be on and worth the price alone. Two thumbs up!

  7. John "JB" Barrass Reply

    I attended the TOAR course in early May 2016. It was a cold, rainy day on the Hudson, but Capt Pat and Capt Sam made the day an enjoyable and fruitful learning experience. The Tug “Cornell” is an old gal, but she took care of us as well as the currents out in the river.

    Although not part of the curriculum, Capt Pat even showed us a demonstration of tying up and towing astern. I appreciate him and the crew for taking this extra time to show us students a little extra.

    I recommend this course to novices and to Old Salts. The instructors and crew are excited about towing, and are more than willing to share their knowledge with students.


  8. Joseph Bethel Reply

    Great people, great experience! A ton of knowledge. I would recommend Diamond Marine Services to anyone. Two big thumbs up!

  9. Jake Van Reenen Reply

    I attended the Diamond Marine Services TOAR class in Kingston, NY on 1/1/16. The entire crew was very polite and professional. The DE was extremely knowledgeable and took time to explain the entire process step-by-step to each student. From the initial booking of the class, to stepping off the tug, there was constant communication. The only thing I would have done different is attend this class sooner!

    I would highly recommend Diamond Marine Services to any mariner looking to advance in the towing industry.

    Jake Van Reenen
    Seaway Marine Group

  10. Capt Fred Reply

    As an experienced captain on offshore supply vessels, and 25 years since training on tugs, this class was a great refresher to many things learned a long time ago. Was questioning if I should have taken the course, and at the end of the day , found it was well worth it!! Thanks Capt. Pat, Matt and Paul

  11. Eric Reply

    Capt. Pat was very professional, excellent instructor. Highly recommend. Boat Owner Matt. Also great and helpful. Paul was quite, but efficient. Can’t say enough positive things about the entire experience. My suggestion is don’t wait another minute, sign up ASAP. You will never regret this. Guaranteed!!!

  12. Greg Pavlich Reply

    The entire Crew at Diamond Services, were more than helpful, and accomemdating, the TOAR experience was of great Value! Thank you
    -Greg Pavlich

  13. Capt. Mike Reply

    The class was informative, reasonably priced and it was great to find a place to complete my TOAR. As many of you know trying to get a completed TOAR can be difficult. The crew was great and it was nice to get the hands on experience. Thanks for the providing this class.

  14. Matt Reply

    Great class. Couldn’t get the hands on experience like that anywhere else. A TOAR class like this is rare to come by (trust me I looked) especially at this price. The instructors really know what they are doing and willingly offer advice and tricks to get around different situations. Highly recommend to anyone who needs to get their TOAR.

  15. Adrian Puenary Reply

    I just finished the TOAR and I can tell you that the quality of experience was greater than my expectations. The tug Cornell was the most user friendly piece of floating machinery I ever driven. The instructor, Capt Pat, blew me away with his knowledge and teaching method employed. Honestly , there is no substitute for hands on learning. You can spend your money on expensive boring classes, and you will never know how maneuver a tug boat. Cut your loses and call Diamond Marine!!
    Overall I rate this experience 10 out of 10 possible.
    Thank you Diamond Marine!

  16. Victor Antunez Reply

    My concerns before paying for this class were whether or not these guys were legit and whether or not the NMC would issue me an MOT based on the TOAR I received at Diamond Marine. Well, I just received an email from the NMC telling me my credential has been issued. Woohoo! So yeah these guys are legit and the NMC did issue me an MOT using Diamond Marine’s TOAR. Money well spent. Thank you Diamond Marine.

  17. Todd from Florida Reply

    Money well Spent! Sam and Matt made this very fun and informative. The old tug Cornell is awesome. Handles great. I had a good time and a very solid intro to the basics of tug operations. I’m excited about crossing over into the towing industry. Thanks guys for this unique opportunity to acquire the credentials to advance my career.

  18. Brad Reply

    I cannot say enough positive things about Diamond Marine. Sam, Matt, and the crew went out of their way and worked long hours to help me get my TOAR signed off. They worked with my schedule to help me get what I needed before I went offshore again. Excellent customer service. I was very impressed with every aspect of their organization. If you want to get a TOAR, I would highly recommend them. Great organization and great people.
    Thank you Sam, Matt, and crew!

  19. Lucas Beyl Reply

    I graduated from a maritime academy and wanted to pursue a career on harbor tugs. However, with only 20 days of time on a towing vessel and no TOAR I was having a difficult time finding a job. Once I completed my TOAR with Sam I was immediately hired by a harbor tug company in the gulf. A few years later as a mate on a brand new z-drive boat I can’t thank Sam, Matt and Paul enough. They are great guys who run a professional and very convenient operation that allows Mariners to advance their careers. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help.


  20. Steve Oswald Reply

    I enjoyed my class, on the Cornell. Matt, and Brody, were professional, quick, and got the job done. If you like old boats, this is it. That old 16 cylinder Cleveland engine,
    is totally cool. Wish I had more time to sight see around Kingston. There is some great history there. Steve

  21. Michael G Reply

    The class was great! I was a little hesitant in the beginning but the Cornell handled so well that all that was gone in the first two minutes at the wheel!

  22. Cooper Hayden Reply

    Well sorry it took so long to post this.
    I was never so pleased to get this class with Diamond marine. Sam, Matt and the crew were great. The course was very good and total hands on. From the beginning to the end. Tha captains have a lot of patience and knowledge. The crew was was helpfull and the experience was great. If you are trying to get your towing endorsement call Sam and he will take care of you guys.

    Cooper Hayden

  23. Andy Reply

    Great instructions and equipment looking forward to learning more about a field of tugs thanks again for your crew and staff

  24. Charles Reply

    I took the TOAR class back on October 16th, 2014. It was a great class! I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. The DE was great, and so was the vessel! I have been recommending the class to everyone. This is by far the most convenient way to get your TOAR signed off!

  25. Peter Reply

    I had heard that Diamond Marine Services’ TOAR class was a convenient and thorough way to get my Towing Endorsement and I was not disappointed. Each member in my particular class received individual attention and I could not have been happier with my experience. Well worth it!

  26. Ed Duffy Reply

    Getting firsthand experience docking, hooking and recovering a barge Diamond Marine Services is the best option for the money. Thank you to Captain Pat for his time and patience conveying his knowledge to those who want and needed this to advance in tugboat industry. Thank you to Paul and Matt, who secured the lines on the coldest November day and never complained. This class was well worth the time, the effort and the money but getting it done in one day, is priceless.

  27. John Reply

    I HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone needing to complete a TOAR. Sam and Matt are absolute professionals and CORNELL is an outstanding training platform. Diamond Marine was early to answer an emergent need in an industry that was unprepared to deal with the TOAR regulations. This program is perfect for anyone with tug experience but with a lack of access to a DE. It is also perfect for any company looking to bring new talent to the wheelhouse of their boats. The structured training environment allows for totally focused evaluation of potential mates without putting additional strain on a crew and company equipment. Also, for operations that don’t often tow in all modes (as is required on a full TOAR), Diamond’s program allows for all three modes (towing, pushing, and hipped up) to be utilized and transitioned between in a single day of operation.
    Diamond Marine is hands down on of the best operations I have dealt with in my career.

    John Kinlein
    Master, AGT (Oceans), MOTV, First Class Pilot

  28. Mike Reply

    I seriously recommend this class to anyone having difficulty getting their TOAR completed. It is a great learning experience, as well as a great opportunity for people looking to advance within the towing industry. The crew and examiner were all goods guys with lots of towing experience. They work well with people of all different skill levels and job experience. They will spend as much time as is needed on each exercise by each individual. I’m really glad I took this class, and in my opinion the price is very very reasonable for what they offer. Plus the tug is really cool. It’s an old school single screw tug, so anyone who has a soft spot for tugs will really appreciate the boat.

  29. Adam Taylor Reply

    I took the TOAR class in September of 2011. Diamond Marine Services allowed me to complete an inland TOAR separately from the other mariners in the class who were completing their Oceans TOAR (because the inland option was the only one applicable to my license). I enjoyed my day aboard the Cornell and the professionalism shown to me by Capt. Patrick. I have recently renewed my license and my MMC now states Master of Towing Vessels upon it. I was recently promoted to steersman and I am working/training aboard an 8,400 HP towboat pushing 30 to 40 barges at a time up and down the Mississippi River. I couldn’t get where I am today without working hard and proving myself to the company, but I do believe that Diamond Marine Services and my completed TOAR gave me a competitive advantage. Thank you!

    Adam Taylor
    500 Ton Master
    Master of Tow

  30. Reply

    I can’t begin to thank Diamond Marine enough. They went out of their way to be accommodating in so many ways. Thumbs up for an extraordinary group of people!

  31. Reply

    Came out of an academy, though no longer cared for the time away doing deep-sea. Started up towing in Alaska and even though I had enough time in, neither Captain on the vessel was a DE. Don’t recall where I heard of Diamond Marine, but Sam and Matt on the Cornell were key in helping me get my TOAR. Went on to Master of Towing.

    Though I’m no longer working on tugs, the time and experience was well spent and enjoyed.

    Thank you,

  32. Reply

    I worked on tugs for over 2 years as a deckhand while having a 500grt license hoping to get my TOAR signed by the Capt. and move up to the wheel house.

    While I had most parts signed up by the Capt., the schedule of a very busy tug made it very difficult if not impossible for me to get the maneuvering part of the TOAR signed. I couldn’t get my TOAR and was stuck on deck.

    I was doing some research on the Net and came along Diamond Marine and the TOAR class.

    Diamond Marine does an amazing job at helping the mariner move ahead. The instructors are seasoned tug boat captains and are also very good and patient teachers (which are two different things that rarely come together). You’ll go through all the exercises required for the TOAR and if you can do it you’ll be signed off. End of story.

    So thank you Diamond Marine!. You helped me to make it happen. I have a mate job now.


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