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Diamond Marine does an amazing job

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October 8, 2014

I worked on tugs for over 2 years as a deckhand while having a 500grt license hoping to get my TOAR signed by the Capt. and move up to the wheel house.
While I had most parts signed up by the Capt., the schedule of a very busy tug made it very difficult if not impossible for me to get the maneuvering part of the TOAR signed. I couldn’t get my TOAR and was stuck on deck.
I was doing some research on the Net and came along Diamond Marine and the TOAR class.
Diamond Marine does an amazing job at helping the mariner move ahead. The instructors are seasoned tug boat captains and are also very good and patient teachers (which are two different things that rarely come together). You’ll go through all the exercises required for the TOAR and if you can do it you’ll be signed off. End of story.
So thank you Diamond Marine!. You helped me to make it happen. I have a mate job now.


I just received an email from the NMC telling me my credential has been issued.

5.0 rating
July 30, 0201

My concerns before paying for this class were whether or not these guys were legit and whether or not the NMC would issue me an MOT based on the TOAR I received at Diamond Marine. Well, I just received an email from the NMC telling me my credential has been issued. Woohoo! So yeah these guys are legit and the NMC did issue me an MOT using Diamond Marine’s TOAR. Money well spent. Thank you Diamond Marine.

Victor Antunez

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