Diamond Marine is hands down one of the best operations I have dealt with in my career.

5.0 rating
October 24, 2014

Diamond Marine is hands down one of the best operations I have dealt with in my career. I HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone needing to complete a TOAR. Sam and Matt are absolute professionals and CORNELL is an outstanding training platform. Diamond Marine was early to answer an emergent need in an industry that was unprepared to deal with the TOAR regulations. This program is perfect for anyone with tug experience but with a lack of access to a DE. It is also perfect for any company looking to bring new talent to the wheelhouse of their boats. The structured training environment allows for totally focused evaluation of potential mates without putting additional strain on a crew and company equipment. Also, for operations that don’t often tow in all modes (as is required on a full TOAR), Diamond’s program allows for all three modes (towing, pushing, and hipped up) to be utilized and transitioned between in a single day of operation.
Master, AGT (Oceans), MOTV, First Class Pilot

John Kinlein

I seriously recommend this class to anyone having difficulty getting their TOAR completed

5.0 rating
October 22, 2014

I seriously recommend this class to anyone having difficulty getting their TOAR completed. It is a great learning experience, as well as a great opportunity for people looking to advance within the towing industry. The crew and examiner were all goods guys with lots of towing experience. They work well with people of all different skill levels and job experience. They will spend as much time as is needed on each exercise by each individual. I’m really glad I took this class, and in my opinion the price is very very reasonable for what they offer. Plus the tug is really cool. It’s an old school single screw tug, so anyone who has a soft spot for tugs will really appreciate the boat.


Got my Master of Towing. Thank you DMS!

5.0 rating
October 15, 2014

“I took the TOAR class in September of 2011. Diamond Marine Services allowed me to complete an inland TOAR separately from the other mariners in the class who were completing their Oceans TOAR (because the inland option was the only one applicable to my license). I enjoyed my day aboard the Cornell and the professionalism shown to me by Capt. Patrick. I have recently renewed my license and my MMC now states Master of Towing Vessels upon it. I was recently promoted to steersman and I am working/training aboard an 8,400 HP towboat pushing 30 to 40 barges at a time up and down the Mississippi River. I couldn’t get where I am today without working hard and proving myself to the company, but I do believe that Diamond Marine Services and my completed TOAR gave me a competitive advantage. Thank you!

Adam Taylor
500 Ton Master
Master of Tow

Adam Taylor

I can't begin to thank Diamond Marine enough

5.0 rating
October 13, 2014

I can’t begin to thank Diamond Marine enough. They went out of their way to be accommodating in so many ways. Thumbs up for an extraordinary group of people!

John Bryan

Came out of an academy. The experience was great!

5.0 rating
October 8, 2014

Came out of an academy, though no longer cared for the time away doing deep-sea. Started up towing in Alaska and even though I had enough time in, neither Captain on the vessel was a DE. Don’t recall where I heard of Diamond Marine, but Sam and Matt on the Cornell were key in helping me get my TOAR. Went on to Master of Towing.
Though I’m no longer working on tugs, the time and experience was well spent and enjoyed.
Thank you,


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