Tired of sifting through CFRs and NMC checklists wondering if you have enough sea time or completed the necessary requirements for an upgrade? Have you experienced delays or even have a license expire due to an issue with a previous application? Diamond Marine Services is pleased to that announce that an experienced former National Maritime Center evaluator has joined our credential consulting team. We have created a full service solution to help with all USCG credential applications.

Once you partner with our consulting team, Diamond Marine Services will:

  • Ensure you apply for the highest possible credential
  • Pre-fill any required forms so all you have to do is sign the application
  • Collect, organize, and prepare all medical, drug test, sea service, and course completion certificates for submission
  • Have your application vetted prior to submission to ensure all forms are properly filled out
  • Pay any USCG evaluation and issuance fees
  • Electronically file your application directly with the USCG (if possible)
  • Reduce hassle by handling communication with the NMC on your behalf
  • Represent you through a formal appeal process if necessary 

Diamond Marine Services not only takes all the hassle out of applying for an original license, raise-in-grade, modification or renewal, we formally evaluate your application by a professional using the same process as the NMC. We submit your credential with the USCG and support you until it is issued

mmc flow chart

If you are interested in our credentialing services, please inquire by clicking on the button below:


Professional Mariner When your license is at stake, hiring a consultant can make a difference...<Read More>

"There are some tasks in life that layman undertake without professional assistance at significant risk. Three that come to mind are surgery, federal income tax preparation, and applying for a USCG mariner credential. 80% of applications are filled out incompletely or incorrectly, resulting in frustration and delays for the mariner."

Richard Wells, Vice President of the Offshore Marine Services Association

Marine News, Jan. 2009

Credential Consulting Fees

This table shows the Diamond Marine Services fee for credential consulting, evaluation and submission for all non-qualified ratings, qualified ratings and officer endorsements.

You can also find the USCG Evaluation and Issuance fees here. In order to speed up the process of submitting your credential, we recommend that our team cover the USCG Evaluation & Issuance fees on your behalf. There is a $10 charge to cover processing for this transaction. You can add this option at checkout. (RECOMMENDED)

Clicking the price in the table will direct you to that item where you can use your credit card to complete the transaction.
TypeApplying ForDMS Consulting FeeUSCG Evaluation FeeUSCG Issuance Fee*Total
Non-Qualified Ratings
OriginalOS, Wiper, Steward's Department and Food Handler$100$95$55$250
Qualified Ratings
OriginalAB, QMED, Lifeboatman, Tankerman$100$95$55$250
UpgradeAB, QMED, Lifeboatman, Tankerman$100$95$55$250
Officer Endorsements
OriginalAny Gross Ton Mate or Master; Any HP Engineer or Chief Engineer, Other $250$100$55$405
Raise of GradeAll$200$100$55$355

*Includes a $10.00 processing fee