Towing Officer Assessment Record

TOAR Class Details

DIAMOND MARINE SERVICES has access to towing vessels and designated examiners that can help you with your advancement to Mate (Pilot) of Towing or Master of Towing. Since 2009, we have helped many mariners by providing a platform to complete both the maneuvering requirements as well as discussion based assessments in the Towing Officer Assessment Record. Our program utilizes a working tug and barge with a full crew in the presence of a USCG approved designated examiner.

Do I qualify to participate?

Our program is reserved for experienced mariners. Mariners holding an OICNW endorsed license (STCW II/1 or II/3) can complete all the assessments in the TOAR. If you do not hold an OICNW endorsement, you may be able to join us but we may not be able to complete the TOAR in its entirety. In addition, the extra sea service needed to upgrade to a mate or master of towing from a lower level license is often a surprise to many. For these reasons, we request to open a line of communication so we can better assess your needs. Mariners holding licenses LESS THAN 500 GRT (master or mate) or those without an OICNW endorsement are accepted into the class on a case by case basis. For more information about this, please submit an inquiry via the contact form below.

Location Details:

We operate in partnership with towing services home ported in Boston, MA. Please visit our LOGISTICS page for more information.

Check out some recent reviews of our TOAR Class

Avg: 5.00 Stars based on 183 reviews.
Reviews Date
December 12,2023
Great instructions from instructor plenty of countertop discussions before ship handling if you are not used to single screw tugs it’s definitely a learning experience 1 day class gets the job done no b.s.

-- L.Lodrigue
toar course
April 8,2023
i highly recommend taking the toar`s course we spent the day in Boston harbor with ben & mary and i cannot say enough good things about how knowledgeable and professional they were

-- kevin mcgrath
The Best place to compete the TOAR for MOTV Endorsement!
March 17,2023
Ben, & Glenn did a great Job, both are very nice professional, & easy going. They made the class enjoyable. The little tug & barge are perfect for the TOAR class. I’m really glad that you were recommended to me by an old captain friend. I will happily pass on this same good advice to anyone that can use your services. Also, your suggestion of the Mariners House saved me over $200 a night, compared to the airport hotels. My room was nice, & made to order hot breakfast was excellent.

-- Captain W.E. S.
Great experience
January 11,2023
I had a great experience obtaining my TOAR, starting with great communication with Sam via emails and cell. Ben was my DE and was very professional and a wealth of Knowledge. I would recommend Diamond Marine Services to everyone. I have been a mariner for 23 years and was still able to learn a few new things. Great people. Thank you

-- James Abramczyk
Great Class, Great People
September 3,2022
Had an absolutely wonderful experience doing the TOAR Class with Birk in Boston. He`s a true professional and awesome teacher -- he knows a ton about shiphandling and towing. I got a lot out of a class that was only a day long -- way more than I think I would have gotten out of a weeklong simulator course. It`s so much better to get out there with the environmentals on Boston Harbor and actually get a feel for a real boat when you`re maneuvering alongside a tow. Also wanted to thank Sam for working with me and my company last minute to make this class happen. He went out of his way to answer all my questions, and even got back to me via email on a couple nitpicky regulatory things he didn`t have answers for when we spoke initially. Can`t say enough good things about Diamond Marine. If you need to get your TOAR Card signed off, this is the place!

-- Jordan
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How much?

One day TOAR Class

Our one day TOAR Class costs $2000. We ask for a $300 deposit to hold your spot in the class. The balance of $1700 can be paid on our website prior to the start of the course. Class schedule and availability are in the table below.

What happens next?

In order to really get a handle on things, we strongly recommend filling out our INQUIRY FORM. This way we can get in touch with you with detailed information and keep you informed of class dates for the future. (We do not share or sell information to anyone and chances are if you made it this far, you could benefit from our helping you specifically!)

TOAR Assessment Schedule. Click on the blue date link, to sign up.
Class Date Location Seats Available
Stasinos Marine Pier There are 3 Seats available
Stasinos Marine Pier There are 2 Seats available
Stasinos Marine Pier There are 4 Seats available

Towing licenses explained

Not all licensed mariners can operate towing vessels. In order to serve as a Mate or Master on towing vessels including push boats, wire boats, tractor tugs or ATBs, you need to hold a Mate of Towing license or a Master of Towing license. We used to call these towing endorsements but they are now viewed by the USCG as licenses that have their own evaluation requirements as well as their own renewal requirements. ALL towing licenses require you to complete a practical demonstration of maneuvering a tug & barge as well as complete a series of discussions specific to towing vessels. The assessment of these demonstrations are observed by a Designated Examiner and recorded in your Towing Officer Assessment Record.

Sample checklists for towing licenses may be found here:
Master of Towing checklist
Mate of Towing checklist
NOTE: Checklists change frequently. Please visit the NMC website for the latest checklists.

What is a TOAR?

As outlined in NVIC 3-16, the Towing Officer Assessment Record or TOAR is required to document the demonstration of proficiency in the presence of a Designated Examiner.

The TOAR is broken out into seven sections:

    1. Vessel Familiarization
    2. Navigation & Piloting
    3. Watchstanding
    4. Maneuvering
    5. Rules of the Road
    6. Safety & Emergency Response
    7. Environmental Protection

A TOAR is required if you are applying for any of the following:
  • Mate of Towing while holding a license as 200 GRT Master or less
    • 1080 days as Master required (on NON towing vessels)
    • 30 days of training & observation on towing vessels required
    • NOTE: Mariners holding a license as a Master 200 GRT or less must serve 360 days as a mate of towing before applying for Master of Towing
  • Mate of Towing while holding a license as 500 GRT Mate (or higher)
    • 30 days of training & observation on towing vessels required
  • Mate of Towing as a raise-in-grade from Apprentice Mate
    • 360 days serving as apprentice mate required
  • Master of Towing while holding a license as 500 GRT Master (or higher)
    • 30 days of training & observation on towing vessels required
  • Adding a new route to your current towing license
  • Renew current towing licence without required sea service

  • You can check out some sample TOARs below:
    TOAR GL-Inland
    TOAR NC-Oceans

    The above is a real BASIC explanation of towing licenses. With over a decade of experience helping mariners complete the steps necessary to transition into the towing industry, we can really help you figure your way through this! If you are interested in getting more information or just want to talk to someone regarding your specific situation, please submit your inquiry via our contact form at the bottom of the page.

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