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I want to hold your hand
February 14,2024
Sam and his crew at Diamond Marine Services do just that, Hold your hand. The lengthy, confusing and time consuming process of Renewing a Merchant Marine license was accomplished with the their great assistance. Lots of i dotting and t crossings were performed to insure my license was renewed and awarded the upgrade it was qualified to receive. Thank you for Holding My Hand, see you in a couple of years with help on upgrade and future renewals Cpt. Michael

-- Michael Richmond
February 8,2024
these guys will hold your hand till you get your credentials! strongly recommend to anyone trying to get their captain license

-- william norris
Navigating Through Stormy Seas with Diamond Marine Services
January 22,2024
★★★★★ January 22, 2024 Navigating the complex USCG application process can be daunting, but my experience with Diamond Marine Services, led by the incomparable Sam, was nothing short of extraordinary. As someone familiar with the importance of efficient, customer-focused service, I found Sam and his team to exemplify this at every turn. My journey wasn`t without its hurdles. Despite my application being approved for 12 months (to complete my training and submit it), my training completion lagged in the final month (of course December riddled with holidays) . The anxiety was palpable; I was nervous about submitting on time, and to my dismay, my application even timed out with the USCG. However, Sam, with his extraordinary commitment and an impressive escalation contact, turned the tide in my favor. His unbelievable support made the impossible possible, ensuring my application was processed successfully. Sam`s dedication and the team`s expertise in navigating the b

-- Patrick McIntyre
Best decision you will make!
January 16,2024
Sam and his team at Diamond Marine Services was the best decision I made to help guide me through the USCG application process. Their expert knowledge and experience was priceless and allows you to maximize your credential`s. When you enter unfamiliar waters, it pays to go with the experts in the area, and in this case, it was DMS. Simply the best!

-- Gerard M
Indispensable Service
January 11,2024
Sam and his team don`t just take care of everything, they go above and beyond and provide the most thoughtful and thorough service. I`m SO glad I went with DMS for my credentials. Simply the best!

-- Raphael
Help every step of the way
January 5,2024
Tell Sam what you want to do and he takes care of the rest! Couldn’t make the process any easier

-- Dave
Don`t try this process without them
December 18,2023
This is not an easy process and it should not be. The organization and service I received was amazing. I honestly believe if I had not used them I would still be trying to provide all the information in the format required. Do yourself a favor and if your pursuing your license let Sam and his staff help get you their.

-- John Deliso
December 12,2023
Great instructions from instructor plenty of countertop discussions before ship handling if you are not used to single screw tugs it’s definitely a learning experience 1 day class gets the job done no b.s.

-- L.Lodrigue
The only way to do this
December 9,2023
Sam and the DMS team are the best. Not a single AI email. If only the Coast Guard were as efficient and professional as these guys we wouldn’t need Sam! JK! Thanks to DMS I can start the life I’ve always dreamed of. Don’t go it alone, it was well worth the money and I have no regrets letting these guys handle it for me.

-- Jimmy Sams
Customized Care to Fit Your Needs
December 7,2023
Diamond Marine are some of the most solid guys in the business. I am a Navy vet and they walked me through the process to get my application done, get necessary paperwork from my military service, get requisite classes done, make in-application changes throughout the year+ that it took to get my licenses, set up my tests... Sam and the crew are some of the friendliest, most helpful, patient, knowledgeable, and professional guys in the industry. They are worth every penny, and for what they did for me, it was not a lot of pennies! Again, I cannot thank them enough for helping me get started in this industry. There is no one I have met with such an extensive professional network to benefit each of their customers. Use them for all your application and training needs!

-- Sam
simply the best service there is!
November 28,2023
I can not recommend DMS enough. Sam is so quick to answer your questions, and gives you accurate info every time. just got my original license and they got everything right from the get go, the first time. no back and forth with the NMC, no "Waiting for information"! I will absolutely use DMS when its renewal time, and I recommend you do too! you will not regret it.

-- Matt Ringo
They simply know how to get it done!!
November 27,2023
I can honestly say that I would not have completed this process without DMS. Sam and his team made this process seamless for me. The attention to detail and response time provided a stress free process. All the USCG required documents were thoroughly reviewed and submitted by DMS without a single correction needed! All I can say is that I am forever grateful to have used DMS! Don’t hesitate, this is a AAA+ service that is worth every penny!

-- Captain Jim
Great Job & Amazing Service
November 25,2023
Highly recommend for all your Coast Guard credential needs. Promptly worked with you every step of the way. Even when there were issues, provided detailed step by step directions to get them the info they needed. They communicate directly to the coast guard on your behalf. Highly recommend to anyone.

-- Josh Akers
Original License from Navy to MMC
October 16,2023
Awesome experience, got me squared away in no time, went from 0% to an AB job with FOSS in less than 3 months. Sam is very knowledgeable in the process of turning your Navy time into Coast guard credentials! Highly Recommend!

-- Brandon Burtenshaw
Highly Recommend DMS!
September 26,2023
I just completed my 6th renewal, the first and by far the easiest with DMS. Sam and the team will take care of you from the beginning to the end. Very professional, courteous, and super easy to work with. One thing to note for Mariners renewing, start the process early. Thanks Sam & the whole DMS team!

-- Kenneth Elkins
DMS for OUPV license and paperwork submission
September 1,2023
I highly encourage anyone who is getting their captains license to go through Diamond Marine Services . They are so helpful on handling your paperwork and guiding you in the right direction to complete everything you need to get in the whole process. It takes away a lot of stress that we already have from studying the material. Sam was a big part of the process. He helped me out with all the questions I had and they always got back to you if they couldn’t pick up the phone. I’m very grateful for that. Thanks DMS. I’ve already recommended them to my friends

-- Michael Lillibridge
DMS did a great job highly recommend them
August 30,2023
This was my first time applying for a license. DMS took care of everything. It was great to know that all the paperwork was submitted correctly. Highly recommend them to anyone getting a license.

-- Michael Greenhagen
An absolute must for mariners
August 30,2023
DMS is an absolute necessity for those starting the process of becoming a certified Captain. Truly professional and dedicated to the mariners goal. With this team on your side, you have success in your future. Guaranteed.

-- Shane Dishman
These are the guys you want to help you.
August 21,2023
As many of you know working with the CG can be difficult. These guys are incredibly competent and effective working with the Coast Guard. I absolutely endorse them.

-- Dan
Amazing service
August 17,2023
I have been a professional mariner for 25 years. Diamond Marine Services is the single finest outfit in regards to credentialing and licensing I have come across. Everything is very professional, clear and seamless. They are willing and able to devote extra time to your specific issues as needed. Could not be happier!

-- Joshua Summers
Gaining my Inland Waters OUPV MMC
August 7,2023
Getting one`s MMC from The National Maritime Center is no easy task! The paperwork must be 100% accurate and verifiable. Your CPR certs, medicals & background checks via gaining a TWIC credential must all be received and verified and fully documented! Ones` Sea Service must also be verifiable and documented. Diamond Marine Services makes certain ALL these steps are completed to the USCG`s and the NMC`s standards; PRIOR mailing them in! If any issues arise, (which usually do), Diamond Marine Services fixes it - usually the same day of notification! I highly & strongly recommend using this company (Diamond Marine Services) should you even be thinking, pondering, or even contemplating; applying for an OUPV license at any level!

-- Gordon Graham Jr.
Top Notch Awesome
July 22,2023
I contacted Sam at DMS and after talking with him about the sea time I acquired he suggested I take the 100 Ton Master he told me they would take care of all the paper work for the Coast Gaurd this was defiantly worth every penny I would highly recommend Sam and his team hands down the best.

-- Kevin C
Mate of Towing/Credentialing Service
July 15,2023
Amazing team of seasoned, professional mariners here. Questions asked=Questions answered. They give you the ability to prove what you know, and work with you on what needs improvement. I also highly recommend the credentialing service. Takes all the pain away from the back and forth with the NMC. One and done. I highly recommend their services and will be using them in the future.

-- Johnny Larkin
A must service
June 26,2023
When I decided to finally work toward my MMC and coming from a business of General Contracting were the use of an expeditor is essential and that I learned that in the marine industry such a service existed I did not hesitated a second. I was very fortunate to find Sam and Diamond Marine Services. The investment in Sam`s services will avoid mistakes in your application, will remove any headache, anxiety and will for sure get you your MMC in record time! Well here you have a 100% satisfied customer, Diamond Marine Services truly understand the word SERVICES!

-- Pierre Bouguennec
OUPV & Upgrade to Master 100GRT
June 13,2023
I initially contacted DMS to submit my OUPV application. After submitting everything, Sam informed me that I qualified for 100 GRT Master credential. I quickly completed that course and submitted it as well. There were a couple hiccups that were remedied immediately ( same day). In the end I received Master 25 GRT with towing assistance. I would definitely recommend DMS and will use again when the time comes.

-- Captain R.G. Rader
Highly Recommend
June 9,2023
Sam and the team at DMS are the best at what they do! The experience, knowledge, and insight they bring to the process is priceless. I just wish I had discovered them sooner in my career. Thank you DMS!

-- Steve D
Fantastic Service
June 8,2023
I highly recommend Sam and his team from Diamond Marine Services to anyone seeking out assistance with their MMC upgrades/renewals. They seem to work round the clock and get the job done as fast and efficient as possible. When Sam and I initially talked about what I was looking to upgrade, he described it as a "difficult and complex application." However, that didn`t seem to matter as my application was approved the first time without having to argue anything with the CG. Great work and thanks again. Big 5 star

-- Jake
Excellent Service, I am so thankful!!
June 7,2023
Sam and his team at Diamond marine are great. I am truly thankful this kind of service is available. Gathering and organizing all the information you need for the Coast Guard can be super stressful and daunting. Having someone like Sam and his services makes the process so much easier and saves a lot of stress and time. Thank You Sam and the Diamond team. I will highly recommend your services to all my fellow mariners.

-- Chris
The Best!
May 25,2023
The team at DMS are simply the best and the only way to go for any and all of your MMC consulting and assistance needs. Professional, reliable and efficient! Thank you.

-- Kevin
If it`s MMC you seek, it`s DMS you need!
May 17,2023
I`m consistently recommending Diamond Marine Services to any friends or colleagues undertaking the long and arduous saga of applying for one`s MMC. Sam and the whole team demystified all the National Maritime Center mumbo jumbo and helped me to obtain my first credential efficiently and painlessly! Their patience and persistence over many months far surpassed the modest retainer. In short, worth every penny!

-- Giselle Hart
Extremely helpful
May 12,2023
Diamond Marine Services helped me a ton through the process of getting my captains license. They were very communicative and would go out of their way to help me if I had any questions. Most definitely recommend.

-- Sam Fischer
Exceptional Service
April 30,2023
DMS provides invaluable service when it comes to wading through the process of obtaining Coast Guard Credentials. They are knowledgable, professional, and responsive and will ensure all your questions and the "best" possible credential is acquired. Would highly recommend!

-- Grant
OUPV to Masters Upgrade
April 19,2023
Sam and his team helped me with an upgrade from OUPV to masters with a towing endorsement. I initially had them assist with my submission for my OUPV and would highly reccomend them to anyone who wants to ensure that the process is handled in a smooth and timely manner.

-- Jason Brayman
Pleasure to work with. Great support!
April 14,2023
Diamond Marine Services wend beyond my expectations. Sam have guided me through every step of the process and personally answered my calls and emails even on weekends. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to obtain captain`s license.

-- Dmitry
License Upgrade and Renewal
April 10,2023
My experience with Diamond Marine Services was great. They are very knowledgeable and give prompt responses and assistance regarding any steps in the process.

-- Connor
toar course
April 8,2023
i highly recommend taking the toar`s course we spent the day in Boston harbor with ben & mary and i cannot say enough good things about how knowledgeable and professional they were

-- kevin mcgrath
Highly Recommend DMS!
April 7,2023
DMS has been a game changer from me. Using their credentialing services saved me so much time and headache. Easy to use service. They have helped me receive multiple USCG credentials, including my 100 GT Master, AB Unlimited w Lifeboatman, 200 Ton Mate, Tow Assistance, etc. So grateful for DMS and the people who work for this company, they are truly outstanding! Thank you DMS for everything!

-- Bobbi B.
March 26,2023
Thank you for assisting me throughout the entire process and guiding me to excellence. Your services are greatly appreciated and needed in the boating community. I will use your services again for continued education and training.

-- John Johnson
Amazing and easy experience
March 17,2023
Highly recommend! Completed my 100 ton Master scope increase and 200 ton Mate. Great service and tools. Currently doing my sailing endorsement. Thanks!!!

-- Amanda Reed
The Best place to compete the TOAR for MOTV Endorsement!
March 17,2023
Ben, & Glenn did a great Job, both are very nice professional, & easy going. They made the class enjoyable. The little tug & barge are perfect for the TOAR class. I’m really glad that you were recommended to me by an old captain friend. I will happily pass on this same good advice to anyone that can use your services. Also, your suggestion of the Mariners House saved me over $200 a night, compared to the airport hotels. My room was nice, & made to order hot breakfast was excellent.

-- Captain W.E. S.
Definitely Recommend
March 17,2023
Diamond Marine Services has made the entire application process pain-free on my end. Sam is amazing to work with. He was very patient in walking me through the requirements for licensing despite my having little to no knowledge of what was involved prior to contacting him. Customer service is outstanding. Every telephone call was either answered immediately or returned very quickly. I can not imagine going about this application process any other way! The bottom line is a 100% recommendation for using Diamond Marine Services, this is one investment that you will certainly be glad that you made!

-- John Nyren
Exceeded my expectations
March 15,2023
DMS made submitting my application to the USCG surprisingly easy. The attention to my account and the speed at which everything was completed and the open line of communication when I had questions far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend.

-- Ben L
Personalized service
March 12,2023
Sam and his team are very responsive and offer clear easy to understand instruction. The peace of mind knowing all the paperwork was submitted correctly and prescreened before sending to the Coast Guard was well worth the investment. I will be using DMS in the future as I add more endorsements to my license.

-- Rob
Highly Recommend
March 9,2023
Sam and the team at DMS handled both my initial MMC process and subsequent endorsements/raises of grade, including working with me through the US Captain`s Training course process and exams. Well worth both the peace of mind in the application process, and the professional expertise and advice throughout the process. Many thanks to Sam and Diamond Marine for their help, and I will 100% be using them again in the future for further credentialing and renewals.

-- Nate Rooney
Very Pleased
February 15,2023
Very pleased with the DMS team! I was looking for someone to help me get through the renewal and upgrade process without headaches and Sam made that happen. He guided me through the application process and made sure everything was in order before submission to the USCG. Well worth it for the peace of mind Sam provide.

-- -Tony C
takes all the stress out of dealing with USCG!
February 2,2023
After spending days on the phone trying to deal with the USCG for my last renewal I am so happy I found Diamond Marine Services! They are worth every penny! They helped me renew my license easy peavy and advised me on several endorsements I didn`t even realize I qualified for. Thank You!!!

-- Jill
Quick and easy
January 30,2023
Sam made navigating the MMC process simple and was always a call away if I had any questions.

-- Dave
Very knowledgeable and always available when I had questions
January 18,2023
Sam was extremely helpful throughout the whole process of renewing, upgrading, and adding an endorsement onto my license. When my renewal process hit a bump in the road with the USCG I called Sam and he immediately knew who to call and sort it out. He was also able to answer a lot of questions and clear up a lot of confusion I had regarding future upgrades to my license

-- Connor D
Credential in Hand!
January 17,2023
The DMS team made the process of getting a merchant marine credential smooth and straightforward. Being unfamiliar with the process, their expertise was invaluable. I highly recommend their service!

-- Martin Beringer
Spelling it out!
January 13,2023
I was having issues with an upgrade and endorsements. It became so frustrating dealing with the NMC that I almost just dropped my issue and accepted their inaccurate ruling. When I spoke to Sam the first time I was so impressed with not only his knowledge but his willingness to commit his time to helping me. He was up in the middle of the night speaking to me and scheduling meetings with me when I was on the other side of the world. Aside from fixing my issue (and adding some things to my license I didn`t realize I qualified for.) He also educated me on the whole process and gave me some incite on what I need to do going forward. I have already recommended Diamond Marine Services to several shipmates and will continue to do so. Thank You!!

-- Jeff T
Great experience
January 11,2023
I had a great experience obtaining my TOAR, starting with great communication with Sam via emails and cell. Ben was my DE and was very professional and a wealth of Knowledge. I would recommend Diamond Marine Services to everyone. I have been a mariner for 23 years and was still able to learn a few new things. Great people. Thank you

-- James Abramczyk
Absolutely incredible!
January 10,2023
I wouldn`t have gotten my credential if it wasn`t for DMS. If you`re lucky enough to be aware of this service, please take advantage of it. I promise you will realize the value of this service after reciving one of those notorious encrypted USCG emails.

-- Tim Krantz
Great service !
December 14,2022
These guys are great, exceptional service, easy to deal with and very helpful. Sam goes above and beyond for his clients. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

-- Chris Richardson
December 8,2022
I only left a 5 star because I could not leave more. If you are going through the process of getting you USCG license? HIRE Diamond Marine Services. They make sure your package is complete and you will have no delays. Before they submitted my package they advised me I qualified for a 100 TON Master. I did exactly what Sam instructed what I needed to do. They submitted my package on 11/3/22 and 12/5/22 my credentials were printed and sent to me. Communication with me through out the entire process was amazing. Don`t hesitate, Hire Diamond Marine Services.

-- Richard Hernandez
It`s like hiring an Attorney for your filing
November 29,2022
I wish I would have used them for my original license, I would be further ahead in my NC tonnage. After being confused about the requirements for an upgrade, both tonnage and GL/Inland vs NC, I contacted Diamond Marine Services. They listened to what I was trying to do and guided me down the right path. They saved me money by pointing out that I didn`t need another drug screen, nor another physical. The Examiner assigned to my application kept returning my application and requesting information in order to qualify for the upgrade I applied for. Diamond Marine Services responded to the Examiner directly to clarify what I was applying for and pointed out the regulations that I met. After a few back and forth communications with the Examiner and their Supervisor I was issued the upgrades I applied for. Diamond Marine Services more than saved me the cost of their fees, and went to battle for me when there was an issue with the application. I will be using them again fo

-- CJC
Amazing !!!
November 2,2022
Im extremely happy with this service. All my questions were answered in minutes it didn`t matter the time. Super grateful and cant thank enough the whole team for the amazing job they do.

-- Anthony Torres
Don’t go any other way, give them a Call!
October 29,2022
I’m very impressed and thankful for all the help and guidance received from Sam, and his company! If I could give him 10 stars I would, but this thing only allows 5! He made the process as smoothly as possible, I received my oupv 6 pack license and was a breeze having the guidance and help to get through! Don’t go any other way, give them a call!!

-- Garrett Kidd
10 stars if it would let me
October 28,2022
Stop reading reviews and let these guys take care of you. Sam and his team will get you your license fast. He gets this stuff filled out right the first time and submitted with everything the coast guard needs. It will be a pain in the butt doing it yourself especially for the first time. Follow the portal submit what Sam asks for and it’s as simple as that. He will communicate with you every step of the way. Just sit back, give him what he asks for and let him work his magic and your little red book will be in your mailbox before you know it. Sam thanks for everything I really appreciate you! You’ll be hearing from me in 4.6 years 😁.

-- Capt. Craig Hensel
Extremely Thankful
September 30,2022
I took some years off from the industry and my MMC was about to expire, Sam & company came through. Sam went above and beyond and help me upgrade to a license I didn`t know I qualified. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get a start or even a veteran in the trade. Best part was any question I had was answered same day and usually within 30mins. I will continue to use Diamond Marine in the future.

-- Kyle K
Highly recommend
September 5,2022
I don`t leave many good reviews. But this team needs to be recognized. This is well worth the money and then some. Great team of people very organized and will walk you thru the process with no issues. Cant say enough about them.

-- Jason
Great Class, Great People
September 3,2022
Had an absolutely wonderful experience doing the TOAR Class with Birk in Boston. He`s a true professional and awesome teacher -- he knows a ton about shiphandling and towing. I got a lot out of a class that was only a day long -- way more than I think I would have gotten out of a weeklong simulator course. It`s so much better to get out there with the environmentals on Boston Harbor and actually get a feel for a real boat when you`re maneuvering alongside a tow. Also wanted to thank Sam for working with me and my company last minute to make this class happen. He went out of his way to answer all my questions, and even got back to me via email on a couple nitpicky regulatory things he didn`t have answers for when we spoke initially. Can`t say enough good things about Diamond Marine. If you need to get your TOAR Card signed off, this is the place!

-- Jordan
Huge help!
September 1,2022
My husband and I both used Sam`s team to file our paperwork. His knowledge of the requirements and great organization made everything so easy. Do not waste time trying to do this yourself - it`s worth every penny to have Diamond Marine Services do it for you! Thank you, Jess and Russ

-- Jess and Russ P
Master captain
August 19,2022
Diamond marine services is the best sams crew goes over and beyond they are great thank you so much for all you have done thanks Tim

-- Tim Mulherin
Sam and his team ROCK!!
August 17,2022
Sam and his team at DMS are marvelous. They are on top of everything and provide amazing guidance. Sam is the NICEST guy in the industry and an encyclopedia of knowledge. Anyone getting a credential will find the money so well spent.

-- Gregg Clark
Great service
July 19,2022
Diamond Marine Services will help you every step of the way. The process can be overwhelming trying to navigate everything on your own. They are experienced and know what needs to be done, when to do it, and they follow through. I would recommend their services if you would like a stress free application process.

-- Jake K
Efficient With No Hiccups, Stalls or NMC Follow-up Questions
July 19,2022
Sam was highly-recommended to me by Neil Smith at US Captain`s Training. Sam was very knowledgable, experienced, responsive and personable...all very important for an excellent client experience. Neil Smith at US Captain`s Training is equally as excellent as Sam. I recommend both without reservation. I obtained my 50T Master License through US Captain`s Training with Neil Smith. Sam helped me upgrade my license to 100T from 50T. Both people and their businesses are excellent.

-- Captain CBE
Obtaining my 50 ton master license and working with them!
July 8,2022
These guys are most excellent at what they do. I just recently obtained my 50 ton master license. I used their services. They were definitely very helpful! They expedited the process With their service I was very confident that I would be able to obtain my license in a very timely manner which I did. They are very knowledgeable They are very skilled. They are very personable and supportive. They were always quick to respond to my questions and phone calls. I would highly recommend Diamond Marine services to anyone. Thank you

-- Capt. Ousama Assil
OUPV/Master/Towing Endorsement
May 27,2022
Sam and Diamond Services were outstanding to work with. As you know working to obtain a license is a complex and arduous process. Sam explained what I was in for and it went exactly as he had predicted. His guidance and advice was absolutely critical. He is so available and helpful you feel like you are not going it alone. Without him I would still be in process. My advice is do not hesitate. Sign up with Sam and Diamond Services.

-- Greg Hendel
OUPV Near Coastal
May 7,2022
Worth every penny. I’ve spent decades around the industry but this was my first time going for my MMC.. I was initially hesitant about the cost, but Diamond Marine did not disappoint. Sam was a complete professional, providing excellent customer service throughout the entire process. His proactive approach to helping me get my paperwork and requirements complete was very helpful. He quickly returned my calls and was always available to answer any questions I had. I always felt as a customer that I was a top priority, The strong working relationship he has with the Coast Guard paid off in that I was able to get my credential much quicker than I could’ve on my own. Thanks again Diamond Marine and thanks Sam for your diligent professionalism and service!

-- Mark Willis
Incredibly Helpful
May 7,2022
Sam and Diamond Marine Services made a very daunting process very organized and seamless. From start to finish, Sam guided me through every part of the application process. The communication was excellent, as was any advice he gave regarding all the pieces/parts that make up the application. I can’t thank Diamond Marine Services enough. They truly provide a worthwhile service to anyone considering applying for their Captains License..

-- Capt Doug Romano
The only way to go
March 11,2022
Without Sam, I would still be dealing with the Coast Gaurd. He guided me through the whole process and made sure my application was done correctly before he sent it out. He kept me in the loop the whole way with personal phone calls and updates. Thanks Sam, I will recommend everyone considering applying for their captains credentials

-- Shant Melkonyan
Towing assessment course
February 28,2022
Mr Thomas is an excellent examiner, definitely would recommend his services.

-- Michael Daniel
Great Service, Great People, Highly Recommended
February 9,2022
I received more than I hoped for. Sam went far beyond my expectations. Diamond Marine communicated with USCG evaluators on my behalf and resolved issues quickly. I enjoyed the entire learning process aboard the vessels.

-- Capt Jay Hunter
Invaluable credential consultation service
February 3,2022
Applying for my 100 Ton master's was a breeze since DMS took the guesswork out of the process, and also made sure my application was ready for the NMC evaluation. They caught an error in my paperwork that I never would have, which would have stalled the process with the NMC. Sam and his crew are true professionals. I can't recommend them highly enough.

-- Chris
The needed service, for those of us less organized.
January 25,2022
Sam Z. Took the daunting task of all the paperwork, and seamlessly handled it. Money very well spent!!. Thanks Diamond Marine Services..

-- Dean Ronhaar
Excellent service
January 21,2022
Diamond marine makes the renewal process super easy and really fast! I believe we submitted everything to the Uscg around 12-22-21 and it`s on the way to my house as of 1-21-22! That`s fast if you ask me especially being during the holidays. Just goes to show there accuracy and commitment to helping you get it done correctly the first time! Highly recommend! ( Ms river boat )

-- Zack Shivel
Excellent service
January 13,2022
As a captain and owner of a boat charter business, it was so nice to have the guys from Diamond Marine Services to help our captains renew their licenses. They knew exactly what questions to ask and did a tremendous job communicating with my guys throughout the entire process. It was, without a doubt, worth every penny, and I will certainly be using them again.

-- Capt Andy
Glad I used the service
December 14,2021
Glad I used this service to renew my MMC. They recommended an upgrade I was eligible for with the sea service I had already accrued and explained other options to help me upgrade that I wasn`t aware of. We renewed my MMC and I got a raise in grade i wouldn`t have known about renewing on my own.

-- Lucais Russell
Would recommend to all my friends and counterparts!
December 2,2021
Sam and DMS were great. Easy to work with. Very good with communication and even responding outside of normal work days/hours.

-- Marc
Great Experience
November 19,2021
Sam and his team were very courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. I took the inland TOAR in Boston Harbor and learned a great deal in vessel and tow maneuvers with Ben and Caitlin. Everyone was very skilled and friendly. I also had their credentialing service advise me in getting my application into the USCG whilst also applying for a license I didn't know I was eligible for. They can save you a lot of time and money as opposed to figuring this out by yourself.

-- Mark Paterson
November 17,2021
Sam went above and beyond to help me get all of my paperwork filled out appropriately to obtain my 100 Ton license. The whole process went so smoothly and he answered every question I had. Thanks to diamond marine I am now holding my credential less than 3 weeks after my application was submitted. This service is worth its weight in gold! I look forward to working with them again in the future and would highly recommend them for anyone!

-- Blake Applewhite
Professional, knowledgeable and efficient!
November 9,2021
Sam`s knowledge and experience pays dividends with his fast and efficient service! He thoroughly prepared and submitted my MMC renewal, and despite the delayed processing times stated on the NMC`s website, he managed to get my MMC renewed and back in hand in less than a month! Sam and his team are amazing and I highly recommend them for all your licensing needs!

-- Dennis Amador
Sam pulled it off with 3 days to spare before expiration...!
November 8,2021
Sam is the best...! The organization behind Sam is the best...! I was amazed at how Sam turned around my complicated renewal and upgrade in less than 3 weeks. I highly recommend this for every aspiring Captain or renewal Captain wanting to present themselves professionally for consideration to the USCG. Your time is valuable and the normal process has become just too complicated and prone to delays. If you want effective and efficient turn around for your documents, Sam is your man...!!!

-- Keith R Clark
Excellent very easy and no problems everything was handled
November 4,2021
This is worth every penny I would highly recommend it. They walk you through every detail and make it effortless. Sam was great, and made this very simple thank you again

-- Sean
A+++ service
November 1,2021
Diamond marine services makes the application process a complete breeze. Sam is one of the greatest people you will deal with in the industry,

-- Luke Lucas
Worth Every Penny!
October 7,2021
Sam, and his crew made what was a pretty complex and lengthy process go nice and smooth for me! Sam walked me through every step of the process and told me what to expect along the way. Returned every phone call and text almost immediately, once even from behind the wheel of a ship! Looking forward to working with you in the near future. You guy's have a great service here, keep up the great work!

-- J.Foster
With Sam first time was the charm
October 6,2021
Having been in business for many years before pursuing my OUPV credential I always appreciated working with (and paying for) outside expertise that made the end result better and easier for me. That was my experience with Sam at DMS. Clean, clear communication and a bullseye on the goal. Thanks Sam and we`ll see you again at Master upgrade time!

-- Craig G Royston
Excellent work on my complicated application
September 21,2021
Sam and the crew crushed it on securing my 200 Ton masters. I personally had a complicated application with deadline needs and various moving parts. They reviewed all the paperwork and caught all the mistakes before sending it out and getting it done in a very timely manner. Customer service and communication was top notch. I have been and will be recommending them to all professional mariners.

-- Gabriel Russell
What a Relief!
September 18,2021
Sam's assistance in navigating the USCG and Homeland Security system of twists and turns was so worth the price. Anyone looking to obtain their MMC need look no further. This is your one stop shop for assistance. THANK YOU!

-- Doug C.
August 26,2021
I cannot thank DMS enough. They tutored me along the way, and flawlessly handled all transactions with the MMC/USCG. Couldn't have done it without them.

-- Captain Drew
TOAR Assessments
August 9,2021
Had a blast doing the assessments in Boston. The tug used is a very cool old tug. I had never ran a single screw boat of any real size and I had no problems what so ever the boat handles like a dream making the assessments go very smoothly. The coolest part is the class is centered around the boat handling aspects of the TOAR. Everyone got to have their turn docking and undocking, towing on the hip through a bridge, making up a tow, landing the barge along side another barge it was a really fun and informative experience. Capt. Birk was really great to work with.

-- Cole Ward
Great Experience!
August 7,2021
Sam was a pleasure to work with,. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. I am glad I found Diamond Marine Services to help me take my captain's license online exams but also process the entire US Coast Guard application. which went smoothly.. Thanks to their help, I just received my 100 GRT license in the mail today. Would recommend their services to anyone serious about getting their license quickly!

-- Newly Licensed Captain Marc
July 30,2021
DMS took all the guess work out of it. Getting it right the first time was so worth it and made for a smooth process.

-- Craig
Great service and communication.
July 12,2021
The application process can be confusing but Sam makes it very easy. Diamond marine is there for help and to answer questions every step of the way. Thanks so much Sam and Diamond.

-- Captain Craig Frerichs
Filed my paperwork
July 11,2021
Great people filed my paperwork fast and got my oupv quick from the coast guard I`d highly recommend them thanks guys

-- Captain Steve
June 23,2021
Excellent service. Highly recommend.

Master`s License Renewal
June 14,2021
After 50 years in the marine industry, this was the smoothest application process I`ve been through. I`m already passing the word to others in my industry. It was three weeks from application to approval. I highly recommend this service.

-- Captain Brian Styke
A Big Thanks in appreciation of the service and assistance.
June 3,2021
A special Thanks to Sam, Give my Aloha and thank you Sam I your assistance of my MMC Credential License and another Special Thanks to Neil Smith of refer to Daimondmarineservices , lm very appropriative and expertise in the service. I would highly recommend and 5-star rate.

-- Captain Jerry K Kaehu
The easiest and the best
June 3,2021
Used Diamond Marine Services to get my OUPV and they were there all the. way. Sam made the whole process almost to easy. They are the best and highly recomend them.

-- Allen Bedsole
Thank you Sam
May 26,2021
Wonderful experience! Sam gets the job done!

-- Tyler Putney
Thanks for the help!
May 26,2021
Sam knows the USCG credential system inside and out! He is a great resource for easing the pain of license renewals. Highly recommend!

-- Michael Buelsing
Captain's License Renewal Exam and Assistance on Completing the Administrative Process
May 3,2021
Sam was exceedingly helpful with the mechanics of the Final Exam (and very patient, I would add, as I struggled with the connectivity of my devices to the web-site). Sam also assisted in helping me complete the USCG request for additional information as we completed the Renewal process...successfully I must add. I strongly recommend using DMS to help any mariner through this government process. It became painless and actually easy to complete. Ed

-- Ed Sterbenc
Master of Towing Endorsement
April 14,2021
I recently took the TOAR course for my Master of Towing Endorsement. I had issues with the NMC and Diamond Marine stepped in and handled everything. I told them the problem I was having and they took over. It was so stress free, and easy. They definitely went above and beyond!

-- Peter Kaple
April 12,2021
100 Stars service Thank You

-- Sammy
Seamless 100T master/200T mate with original credential
April 12,2021
Sam was phenomenal, both as a proctor and consultant. He made a crazy cross-link in technology and meeting software that streamlined the 2-camera online proctoring process and gave the perfect advice for the next steps. Deciphering USCG protocol is like being lost in a labyrinth without a clue, Sam gave me a compass and a map! 100% recommend Diamond Marine and US Captain's Training!

-- Allison Stone
Professional /Quality /Service
April 6,2021
Renewals are not usually fun & easy, However after my experience with Diamond Marine Services that may change!!! Sam caught an error on my physical form for my medical certificate. If it wasn`t for his professional knowledge & hard work I would of still been trying to deal with the Coast Guard & prob be missing work. I highly recommend using there services!!!

-- Jonathan A
Renewal time
April 3,2021
We all have done are own renewals at some time and what a hassle it can be.With Sam and Diamond Marine Service it just goes so much smoother and he knows what needs to be done next.Do yourself a favor and sign up I guarantee you won`t regret it!!. Captain Bruce G

-- Bruce Greenwood
Simple, Quick and Easy. MMC 100 ton
March 24,2021
Nobody likes to do the packets of paperwork needed for your renewal. Check marks, do I need, converting documents and paying the government. Diamond Marine Services is able to walk you through the process with professional knowledge. Don't worry about faxing or scanning. That's old school. They are able to get the Coast Guard your documents in seconds. Emails and questions are answered quickly. Filed paperwork on Feb 11th, credentials approved Mar 24th. Thanks for your help.

-- James Bishop
Simplified the System
March 19,2021
Dealing with the Coast Guard has become difficult and time consuming. I am not always able to have Internet access while on the job. Since I began working with Diamond Marine Services, I don`t have to worry about missing an email from the Coast Guard or having my credentials delayed because I overlooked something in the paperwork. They have simplified the system for me and I recommend them to anyone in our career field.

-- Michael Wood
Patience and explanation
February 12,2021
I highly recommend this class. My instructors were Sam and Birk. What both instructors are good at is 2 very important things in particular: They're experienced Captains AND they're good teachers and that's what you want in an instructor, someone who not only knows the material but has the patience to explain why a maneuver or something else will or will not work. Another great thing is these guys are going to let you drive and get your hands dirty. Great job guys.

-- Aaron V Burnett
1600 ton Master/10000 Tom OSV/Master of Towing Oceans
January 22,2021
Can`t say enough about these guys. Affordable, easy to work with, Professional!!! They simply take away all the hassle! Snap, click, send! It really was that easy. Oh! And they monitor your renewals. Just forget about it. You get notified.

-- James Roberts
with the instructor going over the tricks of the trade on how to best complete them safely. Nothing in the class is simulated
January 8,2021
I came to Diamond Marine to get my TOAR completed, and walked away with a Master of Towing. There were many challenges, but what I appreciated was Sam`s patient solution oriented mentality. He solved every obstacle with speed and and accuracy. He even gave additional advise in regards to submitting my application. I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to get their Mate or Master of Towing.

-- Captain Ta`Von Davis
5 Stars to the Second Power
January 2,2021
My overall experience with Diamond Marine Services and their affiliated partners was perfect ! Sam went out of his way on several occasions to not only answer complex licensing questions but ensure that the licensing process was stress free. The TOAR course was fantastic, filled with lots of hands-on practical assessments. The entire crew at Diamond Marine Services were extremely knowledgeable, polite, and professional. I would strongly recommend Diamond Marine services for all of you licensing needs.

-- John William
Awesome class
December 20,2020
This was a great class with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to get amazing hands on experience. Sam and Birk were great to work with and made the whole process seamless. Their commitment to their customers doesn't just end with the TOAR Class, they are more then willing to answer any questions that someone might have about licensing and the confusing process that come with working with the USCG. I will absolutely be recommending this class/their services to anyone that needs it.

-- Matt Cannon
Best place for TOAR Assessment
November 21,2020
If you`re looking to get your TOAR, Diamond Marine Services will take care of you from beginning to end and even after. DMS is operated and owned by exceptionally competent, experienced, and qualified Mariners that offer training and consultation services. From first contact, they will make the whole process clear and simple. What you get is a professional, patient, and thorough assessment. The TOAR assessment is conducted in an ideal location that is conveniently and easily accessible with lodging accommodations close by. So if you need help with your TOAR or consultation on charting your own path the through the maritime industry, I would definitely recommend checking them out.

-- Tom
Professional and Helpful
November 3,2020
So glad about hiring Diamond Marine to help me obtain my TOAR certification. Sam is super knowledgeable about the Maritime business and very helpful with any questions you throw at him. Captain Birk and the crew were just as professional, informative, and took the time to thoroughly train us. Five stars from me.

-- Jimmy
MMC Original- During Pandemic
September 26,2020
Sam and the Diamond Marine Services crew were very patient, professional and helpful throughout the whole process. They were always available for questions and advise. Highly recommended!

-- Xavier B
Great Customer Service
September 18,2020
I took the TOAR class with Diamond and I recommend it to all my friends. It was a great class, and the customer service Diamond delivers walking you through the licensing process is above and beyond. 5/5 would use Diamond for classes and credential counseling and I already recommend it to my friends.

-- Liam
Amazing Experience
September 16,2020
Sam, along with everyone at Diamond Marine Services have really put together a great program. They are some of the most helpful people I`ve met and are very professional and hands-on throughout the entire process. If you are in need of some help I highly recommend Diamond Marine Services!

-- Kyle Salles
TOAR Assessment/Endorsement
September 3,2020
Exceedingly professional and accommodating. Sam was so personable and helpful. All questions I had were clarified. I strongly recommend this service.

-- Maura
TOAR training
August 25,2020
Great training! Hands-on experience with driving tug, making-up lines, and doing approaches. Sam is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic! He's eager to teach and provided great guidance along with quizzing and testing his students. I very much would recommend this course for those seeking to obtain their TOAR cert.

-- John Smith
TOAR class
August 19,2020
The TOAR class aboard the tug in Boston Harbor was extremely hands on and helpful. This is a great way to get time on a tug in a low pressure and professional atmosphere. I would recommend this class to any mariner who`s interested in getting their foot in the door in this industry.

-- William Joseph Smith IV
Great class
July 27,2020
It was a great class. Highly recommend.

-- Liam Hynes
Professional, Fast, and stress free license consulting!
July 22,2020
Brandon and Sam are both top notch consultants. They have helped me through the entire coast guard licensing process.

-- Luke Lucas
USCG License Renewal
July 11,2020
I am on my 8th renewal for my USCG License and normally I would do all the paperwork myself but with all the changes of staff and paperwork I decided to reach out to Diamond Marine Services and now I am glad that I did because the people doing the paperwork at NMC are not really up to speed anymore like they use to be so I had a few set backs because they kept asking for more and more documents but Sam was able to Liaison for me and this sped up the process. I would highly recommend using this service for anything to do with any License. Sam replied back to me on every query that I had and saved me a lot of time and headache since I was overseas trying to do this. Thanks for your professionalism and it is nice to find a company so qualified and also has the License/Skill and Knowledge to get things done.

-- Lewis Alongis
Totally worth it!
July 7,2020
The class started right on time with the captain ready to go. We got onto the tug and quickly jumped right into learning about how the boat operated without a barge made up to it. We then went through several tasks to make up a barge and later operated with and without the barge made up. The captain was kind and helpful through every step of the process and the deck hand was a pleasure to work with. This was my first time ever being in the position to operate a tug and barge and I was nothing but comfortable and confident with the instructions given to me. Overall this is an amazing class and would recommend it to anyone looking to complete their endorsement requirements.

-- Paul Rodriguez
June 9,2020
These folks get excited about the stuff that most of us dread. Needed a very quick turn around on a license renewal and they really delivered, and got me an upgrade that I wasn`t expecting. Friendly, personable, and definitely my first call next time I`m up for a renewal.

-- Ben
Excellent customer service
April 23,2020
I called Sam about completing a TOAR and he took care of me and made it happen. Got to the boat and Ben was just an excellent teacher and made sure I knew his expectations and we made it happen. Thanks guys I really appreciate it!

-- Jon Plake
High recommendation
April 11,2020
If you need a TOAR, call Diamond. I was in a pinch and needed to get this done ASAP. I called them up on a Wednesday morning and was on a plane a few hours later, headed to Boston. My class was scheduled for the very next day, Thursday, in Boston Harbor. I have nothing but positive things to say about them. Extremely accommodating. The assessments were explained clearly and concisely and executed under expert tutelage and I had an email in my email box with the completed assessment form before I even got out of the Uber to the hotel. ... which, by the way, was another amazing experience. They recommend the Mariner House and I second this recommendation. All in all, extremely positive experience. Don`t hesitate to call Diamond if you need to get this done.

-- Ryan D
March 9,2020

-- Derick wilson
License Renewal and Credentialing help
January 10,2020
Can't say enough good things here! The folks at DMS were a huge help in my recent license renewal. Sam helped me navigate the complex rules to make sure I recieved my new MMC on time and more importantly without any holdups from the NMC due to lack of or incorrect information from my end. An absolute pleasure and would highly recommend their service to any Mariner looking to submit for any type of paperwork with the NMC and USCG. Thanks guys!

-- Matthew Perricone
TOAR Class
January 8,2020
The class was very informative and pretty fun. Captain Birk is very patient and a wealth of information. The tug is very maneuverable and offers a good learning platform. Sam is quick to answer any questions from email or phone and the logistics getting to and from the class is great as well. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks!

-- Andrew Torti
Best TOAR Training Course
December 12,2019
I took this class as a means of fast tracking my TOAR approval and it was well worth it. I was able to complete the course in under 8 hours as my group were all well prepared for the material. It was all hands on, and in Boston harbor so you get a fairly busy port to practice in. Ben was great, Sam knows his stuff, and all in all just a great day in Boston. Thanks Sam!

-- Drew Steiger
TOAR Class
December 11,2019
I had the pleasure of taking the TOAR class with Diamond Marine Services. It was very easy to sign up for. All the information you need prior to the class is emailed to you. Sam is very helpful if you have any questions. It was very nice to be able to get all the assessments done within one day and have your TOAR, ready to send it within an hour of the class ending. Captain Ben is very knowledgeable and a great instructor. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in obtaining their TOAR.

-- Alec Frizzell
License renewal and upgrade
November 1,2019
The speed, knowledge and attention to detail were very impressive. Adding in how simple the whole process was made, I will certainly be a repeat customer, have sent numerous people and will continue to do so.

-- Michael Abegg
Full Speed Ahead
October 20,2019
This is the 5th time I have renewed my license, and by far, it has been the easiest and most streamlined process I have ever experienced. These guys know what they are doing! Upon submittal of my massive stack of paperwork, review/error trapping by the DMS team, my renewal process was underway. I received my new MMD in 17 days!!! If you want your renewal/upgrade/new endorsement process done right, look no further. I will be sharing my experience with my co-workers, and I highly recommend to any mariner, well seasoned or green, to check these guys out. You will not be disappointed in the service they provide.

-- Christian George
Great credential service!
July 24,2019
They made the whole process of submitting my new credentials very easy and painless.

-- Vincent Storino
TOAR Assessment Class
July 24,2019
Diamond Marine Services provided an excellent service to me as I completed there TOAR assessment class. They made it very painless as they assisted me with submitting my new credentials to the coast guard. Would highly recommend.

-- Vincent S
The best
June 9,2019
These guys are the best went above and beyond to help upgrade trust it was no easy task but thru their help all went well I highly recommend them them !

-- Capt.Lamas
5 star operation
May 31,2019
The TOAR class was better than expected. Great logistics, great DE, the whole operation is smooth and a pleasure to deal with. Keep up the great work!

-- Shawn
Fantastic credentialing service!
May 28,2019
It was a delight to work with you guys; prompt, professional and the perfect antidote to all the bureaucracy! Thanks......

-- Peter
Best credentialing service I have used. A+ effort. 100% Recommended
April 16,2019
I recently used Diamonds services for an upgrade on my Credential. After completing the initial inquiry, I was contacted within the hour by a member of their team. The entire process from start to finish was very fast and effective. Diamond took the time to review, and answer any question I had. They calculated my sea time, and provided me with all the documentation I was required to submit. Their attention to detail was crucial for my application, and knew to ask for endorsements I was unaware I qualified for. After receiving my new Credential, Diamond still took the time to answer questions regarding STCW, and provided information on future changes and qualifications. With constantly changing requirements, I will be using Diamonds services for all my future Credentialing needs.

-- Patrick
TOAR assessments
April 8,2019
Birk Thomas led the class at Boston Line in Boston Mass. Birk was very helpful in guiding the class through the assessments but also shared his own personal experience as well as personal preferred operating strategy for each corresponding assessment. The windy conditions gave a good learning experience to go along with the evaluations. The Eileen C was also a good vessel to assess on as it`s single screw and ran well, and allowed for good visibility to working gear and crew.

-- Nate Dibble
Excellent Program
April 5,2019
The Captains and staff at Diamond Marine Services are all experienced and professional mariners that are willing to help you in any way. I have never had a more enjoyable assessment experience. The Captain and Crew are extremely knowledgeable and are willing to help you and teach you along the way. I would highly recommend Diamond Marine Services for anyone looking to get their TOAR. Thank You!

-- Spencer Hull
Fast and effective
April 2,2019
Submitted my credentials on a Sunday and it was sent to the USCG by Monday evening. I will never be applying for any upgrade or modification on my MMC without this service again. Well worth it.

-- Doug
March 20,2019
Solid program for anyone looking to get there endorsement. Captains and crew members are very knowledgeable and experienced. Willing to help you and offer advise at any experience level! Cool lads, glad I went with Diamond.

-- Brandon
These guys are great!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
March 17,2019
I was having a really difficult time getting hired on tugs nationwide. I graduated with a 3/m unlimited license but never got any towing experience. Everyone I spoke to about a job wanted new hires to have a TOAR already. By the time I finally got hired, I had to start with AB wages. I found out about this TOAR class in NY and gave Sam a call. I took the class and got everything I needed for the Coast guard endorsement. Diamond Marine Services made the process a breeze, everyone was helpful, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. This class has paid for itself OVER AND OVER, I got a pay increase for getting the endorsement immediately. Sam is a great guy, he will help you get what you need. Give DMS a call!!!

-- Eric Roublick
These guys are great!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
March 17,2019
I was having a really difficult time getting hired on tugs nationwide. I graduated with a 3/m unlimited license but never got any towing experience. Everyone I spoke to about a job wanted new hires to have a TOAR already. By the time I finally got hired, I had to start with AB wages. I found out about this TOAR class in NY and gave Sam a call. I took the class and got everything I needed for the Coast guard endorsement. Diamond Marine Services made the process a breeze, everyone was helpful, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. This class has paid for itself OVER AND OVER, I got a pay increase for getting the endorsement immediately. Sam is a great guy, he will help you get what you need. Give DMS a call!!!

-- Eric Roublick
Great experience!
October 22,2018
Diamond Marine Services will get you informed and taught on all aspects of towing/pushing operations, and will do it in a quick and efficient manner. I recommend the class for anyone wishing to acquire their TOAR.

-- Jonny Allen
Highly Recommended
February 23,2018
I highly recommend this course for anyone who is trying to attain their towing endorsement and get some experience behind the wheel. In some instances it`s just not practical or possible to finish your assessments at work and Diamond Marine rises to the occasion to meet that demand in our industry. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly. There are few courses I`ve taken where I can walk away and say, in all honesty that I enjoyed it as well as leave with knowledgeable and prepared for the real thing. Thank you!

-- Matthew Morse
Much thanks to DMS
September 8,2017
Many thanks to Birk, Matt, Sam, and the CORNELL Crew for a great day of instruction, discussion, and assessment on the water. I cannot say enough good about this avenue for completion of the TOAR and the great work of the entire Diamond Marine Services group. BZ! Well Done.

-- Chris
May 17,2017
The class was great. I learned a lot in a short period of time. Thanks to the entire team at diamond marine services.

-- Landon Malcolm
February 28,2017
These guys are great! You`ll learn more and get more practical assessments signed off in one day than I can recall from any other training. I`m a blue water sailor so it was nice to get a taste of what tugs do and how they handle. Highly recommend this class to anyone needed their TOAR cert or just what some exposure.

-- Kevin Coleman
I will surely recommend this course to my shipmates
January 21,2017
The class and practical are full of information that all mariners in this route needs to know . The instructors are very skillful and supportive .

-- Cyrelle
Two thumbs up!
December 2,2016
I originally signed up for a course and then was stuck on a tug at work and had to reschedule. Sam was unbelievably helpful and made it so easy to reschedule. These guys bend over backwards to help you succeed! They are also super great mariners and the tug Cornell is a treat to be on and worth the price alone.

-- Todd Schwartz
Two thumbs up!
December 2,2016
I originally signed up for a course and then was stuck on a tug at work and had to reschedule. Sam was unbelievably helpful and made it so easy to reschedule. These guys bend over backwards to help you succeed! They are also super great mariners and the tug Cornell is a treat to be on and worth the price alone.

-- Todd Schwartz
Great people, great experience! A ton of knowledge. I would recommend Diamond Marine Services to anyone. Two big thumbs up!
April 6,2016
Great people, great experience! A ton of knowledge. I would recommend Diamond Marine Services to anyone. Two big thumbs up!

-- Joseph Bethel
I would highly recommend Diamond Marine Services to any mariner looking to advance in the towing industry.
March 10,2016
I attended the Diamond Marine Services TOAR class in Kingston, NY on 1/1/16. The entire crew was very polite and professional. The DE was extremely knowledgeable and took time to explain the entire process step-by-step to each student. From the initial booking of the class, to stepping off the tug, there was constant communication. The only thing I would have done different is attend this class sooner!

-- Jake Van Reenen, Seaway Marine Group
I would highly recommend Diamond Marine Services to any mariner looking to advance in the towing industry.
March 10,2016
I attended the Diamond Marine Services TOAR class in Kingston, NY on 1/1/16. The entire crew was very polite and professional. The DE was extremely knowledgeable and took time to explain the entire process step-by-step to each student. From the initial booking of the class, to stepping off the tug, there was constant communication. The only thing I would have done different is attend this class sooner!

-- Jake Van Reenen, Seaway Marine Group
Great Class. Learned more then I expected, And the Crew was very helpful.
February 9,2016
Great Class. Learned more then I expected, And the Crew was very helpful.

-- Shane
this class was a great refresher to many things learned a long time ago
October 28,2015
As an experienced captain on offshore supply vessels, and 25 years since training on tugs, this class was a great refresher to many things learned a long time ago. Was questioning if I should have taken the course, and at the end of the day , found it was well worth it!! Thanks Capt. Pat, Matt and Paul!

-- Capt Fred
Can't say enough positive things about the entire experience.
October 27,2015
Capt. Pat was very professional, excellent instructor. Highly recommend. Boat Owner Matt. Also great and helpful. Paul was quite, but efficient. Can't say enough positive things about the entire experience. My suggestion is don't wait another minute, sign up ASAP. You will never regret this. Guaranteed!!!

-- Eric
As many of you know trying to get a completed TOAR can be difficult.
August 20,2015
The class was informative, reasonably priced and it was great to find a place to complete my TOAR. The crew was great and it was nice to get the hands on experience. Thanks for the providing this class.

-- Capt. Mike
A TOAR class like this is rare to come by (trust me I looked) especially at this price
August 19,2015
Great class. Couldn't get the hands on experience like that anywhere else. The instructors really know what they are doing and willingly offer advice and tricks to get around different situations. Highly recommend to anyone who needs to get their TOAR.

-- Matt
No substitute for hands on learning
August 6,2015
I just finished the TOAR and I can tell you that the quality of experience was greater than my expectations. The tug Cornell was the most user friendly piece of floating machinery I ever driven. The instructor, Capt Pat, blew me away with his knowledge and teaching method employed. Honestly , there is no substitute for hands on learning. You can spend your money on expensive boring classes, and you will never know how maneuver a tug . Cut your loses and call Diamond Marine!! Overall I rate this experience 10 out of 10 possible. Thank you Diamond Marine!

-- Adrian Puenary
Great Value!
July 30,2015
The entire Crew at Diamond Services, were more than helpful, and accommodating, the TOAR experience was of great Value! Thank you

-- Greg Pavlich
I just received an email from the NMC telling me my credential has been issued.
July 30,2015
My concerns before paying for this class were whether or not these guys were legit and whether or not the NMC would issue me an MOT based on the TOAR I received at Diamond Marine. Well, I just received an email from the NMC telling me my credential has been issued. Woohoo! So yeah these guys are legit and the NMC did issue me an MOT using Diamond Marine's TOAR. Money well spent. Thank you Diamond Marine.

-- Victor Antunez
Money well Spent!
June 8,2015
Money well Spent! Sam and Matt made this very fun and informative. The old tug Cornell is awesome. Handles great. I had a good time and a very solid intro to the basics of tug operations. I'm excited about crossing over into the towing industry. Thanks guys for this unique opportunity to acquire the credentials to advance my career.

-- Todd
Great organization and great people.
May 25,2015
I cannot say enough positive things about Diamond Marine. Sam, Matt, and the crew went out of their way and worked long hours to help me get my TOAR signed off. They worked with my schedule to help me get what I needed before I went offshore again. Excellent customer service. I was very impressed with every aspect of their organization. If you want to get a TOAR, I would highly recommend them. Thank you Sam, Matt, and crew!

-- Brad
I wouldn't be where I am today without their help.
May 4,2015
I graduated from a maritime academy and wanted to pursue a career on harbor tugs. However, with only 20 days of time on a towing vessel and no TOAR I was having a difficult time finding a job. Once I completed my TOAR with Sam I was immediately hired by a harbor tug company in the gulf. A few years later as a mate on a brand new z-drive boat I can't thank Sam, Matt and Paul enough. They are great guys who run a professional and very convenient operation that allows Mariners to advance their careers. I wouldn't be where I am today without their help.

-- Lucas Beyl
Great experience!
April 27,2015
I enjoyed my class, on the Cornell. Matt, and Brody, were professional, quick, and got the job done. If you like old boats, this is it. That old 16 cylinder Cleveland engine, is totally cool. Wish I had more time to sight see around Kingston. There is some great history there.

-- Steve
The class was great!
April 27,2015
I was a little hesitant in the beginning but the Cornell handled so well that all that was gone in the first two minutes at the wheel!

-- Michael G
The course was very good and total hands on.
April 27,2015
I was never so pleased to get this class with Diamond marine. Sam, Matt and the crew were great. The course was very good and total hands on. From the beginning to the end. The captains have a lot of patience and knowledge. The crew was was helpfull and the experience was great. If you are trying to get your towing endorsement call Sam and he will take care of you guys.

-- Cooper Hayden
Thanks again for your crew and staff
April 24,2015
Great instructions and equipment looking forward to learning more about a field of tugs thanks again for your crew and staff

-- Andy
have been recommending the class to everyone
March 18,2015
I took the TOAR class back on October 16th, 2014. It was a great class! I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. The DE was great, and so was the vessel! I have been recommending the class to everyone. This is by far the most convenient way to get your TOAR signed off!

-- Charles
Well worth it!
January 22,2015
I had heard that Diamond Marine Services' TOAR class was a convenient and thorough way to get my Towing Endorsement and I was not disappointed. Each member in my particular class received individual attention and I could not have been happier with my experience. Well worth it!

-- Peter
This class was well worth the time, the effort and the money but getting it done in one day, is priceless.
November 20,2014
Getting firsthand experience docking, hooking and recovering a barge Diamond Marine Services is the best option for the money. Thank you to Captain Pat for his time and patience conveying his knowledge to those who want and needed this to advance in tugboat industry. Thank you to Paul and Matt, who secured the lines on the coldest November day and never complained. This class was well worth the time, the effort and the money but getting it done in one day, is priceless.

-- Ed Duffy
Diamond Marine is hands down one of the best operations I have dealt with in my career.
October 24,2014
Diamond Marine is hands down one of the best operations I have dealt with in my career. I HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone needing to complete a TOAR. Sam and Matt are absolute professionals and CORNELL is an outstanding training platform. Diamond Marine was early to answer an emergent need in an industry that was unprepared to deal with the TOAR regulations. This program is perfect for anyone with tug experience but with a lack of access to a DE. It is also perfect for any company looking to bring new talent to the wheelhouse of their boats. The structured training environment allows for totally focused evaluation of potential mates without putting additional strain on a crew and company equipment. Also, for operations that don't often tow in all modes (as is required on a full TOAR), Diamond's program allows for all three modes (towing, pushing, and hipped up) to be utilized and transitioned between in a single day of operation. Master, AGT (Oceans), MOTV, First Class Pilot

-- John Kinlein
I seriously recommend this class to anyone having difficulty getting their TOAR completed
October 22,2014
I seriously recommend this class to anyone having difficulty getting their TOAR completed. It is a great learning experience, as well as a great opportunity for people looking to advance within the towing industry. The crew and examiner were all goods guys with lots of towing experience. They work well with people of all different skill levels and job experience. They will spend as much time as is needed on each exercise by each individual. I'm really glad I took this class, and in my opinion the price is very very reasonable for what they offer. Plus the tug is really cool. It's an old school single screw tug, so anyone who has a soft spot for tugs will really appreciate the boat.

-- Mike
Got my Master of Towing. Thank you DMS!
October 15,2014
I took the TOAR class in September of 2011. Diamond Marine Services allowed me to complete an inland TOAR separately from the other mariners in the class who were completing their Oceans TOAR (because the inland option was the only one applicable to my license). I enjoyed my day aboard the Cornell and the professionalism shown to me by Capt. Patrick. I have recently renewed my license and my MMC now states Master of Towing Vessels upon it. I was recently promoted to steersman and I am working/training aboard an 8,400 HP towboat pushing 30 to 40 barges at a time up and down the Mississippi River. I couldn't get where I am today without working hard and proving myself to the company, but I do believe that Diamond Marine Services and my completed TOAR gave me a competitive advantage. Thank you! Sincerely, Adam Taylor 500 Ton Master Master of Tow"

-- Adam Taylor
I can't begin to thank Diamond Marine enough
October 13,2014
I can't begin to thank Diamond Marine enough. They went out of their way to be accommodating in so many ways. Thumbs up for an extraordinary group of people!

-- John Bryan
Came out of an academy. The experience was great!
October 8,2014
Came out of an academy, though no longer cared for the time away doing deep-sea. Started up towing in Alaska and even though I had enough time in, neither Captain on the vessel was a DE. Don't recall where I heard of Diamond Marine, but Sam and Matt on the Cornell were key in helping me get my TOAR. Went on to Master of Towing. Though I'm no longer working on tugs, the time and experience was well spent and enjoyed. Thank you, -Joshua

-- Joshua
Diamond Marine does an amazing job
October 8,2014
I worked on tugs for over 2 years as a deckhand while having a 500grt license hoping to get my TOAR signed by the Capt. and move up to the wheel house. While I had most parts signed up by the Capt., the schedule of a very busy tug made it very difficult if not impossible for me to get the maneuvering part of the TOAR signed. I couldn't get my TOAR and was stuck on deck. I was doing some research on the Net and came along Diamond Marine and the TOAR class. Diamond Marine does an amazing job at helping the mariner move ahead. The instructors are seasoned tug boat captains and are also very good and patient teachers (which are two different things that rarely come together). You'll go through all the exercises required for the TOAR and if you can do it you'll be signed off. End of story. So thank you Diamond Marine!. You helped me to make it happen. I have a mate job now. -Eric

-- Eric

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