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There are dozens of ONLINE courses available! For the full list of current offerings, please visit:

Online Captain’s License Courses

Each USCG approved course is composed of exam modules. Some courses have only one exam module, examples of these courses are Sailing, Towing, Upgrades and Renewal. Some courses have multiple exam modules, examples of these courses are OUPV (Six Pack), Master, Steersman, AB and Increase in Scope from Inland to Near Coastal. To complete a course you must finish the online exam module(s) that make up the course and then take an Online Final Examination with our USCG approved online examination specialist.


The qualifications an applicant must meet to hold a captain’s license are found in a USCG checklist. The USCG Checklist Page is helpful but may be overwhelming. To find the checklist that pertains to the course you are interested in, visit the USCT Shop, choose the course you are interested in and scroll down under the product images to click on the “LICENSE QUALIFICATIONS” info tab. You will see a link to the checklist(s) that pertain to that license.


To enroll in a course go to the USCT Shop, click on the course, click the “Buy Now” button and proceed through checkout. Once checked out, you are redirected to your “My Courses” page where you can click on your course to get started. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact USCT.

Course Materials

The OUPV, Master, and Steersman courses have materials that are shipped to you once your order is placed. Other courses have all of the resources needed to complete them in the online classroom. To see what is included with each course visit the USCT Shop, click on the course you are interested in and check out the product images. Read through the full course description located under the product images to gain an understanding of the entire process from start to finish. There are four informational tabs to read through, they are; Course Description, License Qualifications, Final Examination and License Application.

Complete the Course

To complete the course students must unlock topics sequentially by passing quizzes. Once all of the quizzes in an exam module are passed a Certificate of Achievement is unlocked for that module. Print it, sign it and email it to your proctor during the Online Final Examination. All of the exam modules that make up a course must be completed before the Online Final Examination. Courses do not expire, you get lifetime access to the course! You have as much time as you need to complete the course and review before you schedule your Online Final Examination.

Online Final Examination

Take your Final Examination Online as soon as you are ready! Contact USCT to connect with their USCG approved online examination specialist and schedule.